Ching Wan Furniture

560 McNicoll Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada    Tel: (416)502-0225

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is rosewood?

A: Rosewood is a high quality wood that has nice and clear grains with beautiful patterns.

Q: How do we treat the rosewood?

A: The Rosewood are dried in steam kilns from two weeks to a month, reducing the moisture content of the Rosewood to preserve it's natural beauty and resist extreme temperatures in order to minimize the chances of cracking and shrinking.

Q: How do we make the furniture?

A: At the production line mainland China craftsmen who have mastered the ancient Chinese techniques of furniture making through years of experience skillfully carve out delicate designs. All our rosewood furniture are assembled using the dovetailed joinery, lounge and groove methods.

Q: How do we finish the furniture?

A: When the assembly is completed, experienced finishers hand polish the furniture seven to ten times with rare tang oil. This time consuming process brings the furniture to a splendid luster while ensuring heat, stain, water and alcohol resistance.